“For those who are seeking someone who is knowledgeable about alternative medicine, herb therapy and who will tailor her consultations to fit your needs, I would highly recommend Sarah. I have found Sarah to be a trained guide who is empathetic, caring and a wonderful listener. She has all the qualities of a good health practitioner and has wonderful follow-ups. She has done research for my medical needs, has made referrals and always devoted her time generously when I have needed her.”
~Adilah Barnes, Co-Founder of Los Angeles Women’s Theatre Festival, Actor, Teacher, Producer and Entrepreneur

“I have never met a healer- either mainstream or alternative- who took such a personal and persistent interest in my health. Her goal was clearly not to simply treat regardless of results, but to help me get on, and maintain, a path towards consistent and sustaining health.”
Drew K., Actor and Writer

“I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis 10 years ago. At that time Sarah and I worked together, and she knew that I had MS for a while before I did and told me to go to the doctor. I was stubborn at first, until my symptoms became worse. Sarah didn’t tell me what she thought because she didn’t want to scare me, but strongly advised that I see a neurologist. I finally took Sarah’s advice, and there I was. Sarah is a great friend, intuitive healer and really knows her stuff. I would, and have, trusted her with my life.”
~Kimberly Ascott, Massage Therapist

“Sarah is an amazingly talented healer and takes her skills very seriously. She will go to great lengths to find out what is wrong with someone when medical doctors have failed. Sarah does research until she figures it out and is ALWAYS right about her assessments and observations. She is smart, educated, and extremely knowledgeable. I work with her consistently and get great results.”
Adrienne Kessler, Real Estate Broker

“I have known Sarah for over 30 years and have watched her grow as a person and healer. She has great insight and intuition in health matters and sees what many others cannot see  because it is not a textbook situation. Sarah is very wise and a medical intuitive; every time I have needed her help with something she has always managed to break through the odds and find the problem, whatever it is. I value her ability and am grateful that is she is available for me.”
~John M. A.,Teacher and Director

“I met Sarah recently through a friend when I had a problem that doctors were not able to address. Not only did Sarah find my issue quickly, but she was great at turning the entire thing around for me with herbs, diet and supplements. Sarah is a terrific person and practitioner and I highly recommend her to my friends!”
~Fred S., Professor of Geology

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