Sarah Zitin is a certified Chinese Herbalist, Nutritional Counselor, Bodyworker and Energy Healer.

Her Optimum Wellness approach is to assist your body in achieving harmony and BALANCE with the use of herbs, foods, supplements and energy balancing.

In Chinese medicine, BALANCE is literally the key to life!

Sarah was educated at the following institutions:

  • The Institute of Chinese Herbology in Berkeley, California
  • Every Woman’s Village
  • Seminars at The Jaffe Institute of Medical and Spiritual Healing

Sarah has been practicing holistic healing and bodywork for the past 25 years and, in her own words, ” I have found that it’s the most fulfilling, rewarding and inspiring area of my life”.

It’s Sarah’s passionate commitment to contribute to others, whatever the issue, in a safe, nurturing, supportive, embracing and healing environment, infusing her clients with the care, love and gentleness that we all crave and deserve.

She has discovered that one of the most important aspects of healing is to balance and support the body’s own healing system with the proper herbs and nutrition.
This is usually accomplished with a gentle detoxing of the body, clearing out the damaging effects of all kinds of toxins, and then an evaluation and consultation on what holistic protocol is needed to balance the body.

It’s Sarah’s experience that the more a person is aligned in all ways – physically, spiritually emotionally and mentally – the more he or she is able to remain consistent, healthy and free of ¬†illness.

It is also her experience that we are NOT our minds, bodies or emotions, but a sum total of our beliefs, thoughts and energy. Sarah believes that it’s essential to work with the whole person in order to achieve beneficial and lasting results. “When we participate in our own healing with our whole selves, we are healthier, happier and can experience more joy and freedom than we have ever known!”


  • Weight management (less cravings)
  • More vitality
  • Feeling less stress
  • Better sleep
  • Greater energy
  • More emotional and physical balance
  • Protocols for treatment of health issues with the focus on autoimmune disorders

Please visit the Treatment Page for more information on available treatments.

You may also contact Sarah directly for additional details.