Enhanced Revised Edition: A Simple Guide to Immunity


Sarah’s book, Enhanced Revised Edition: A Simple Guide to Immunity, is available on Amazon in quality paperback and Kindle editions. This book has highly significant and timely information about the immune system: what it is and how it works, candida (overgrowth of unhealthy yeast in the body), and the effect it has on a variety of autoimmune disorders that develop as a result of a compromised immune system. In addition, there are natural, holistic and uncommon protocols for treating illnesses, including over 40 pages on natural treatments for cancer. A Simple Guide to Immunity includes a resource guide for people to easily access herb stores, nutritional supplements and other valuable health products. The last chapter incorporates various recipes for vegans and everyone!


The revised edition of Sarah’s book is more detailed, longer than the first, more specific and informational, and reader-friendly for everyone over the age of 16. Sarah includes remarkable, cutting edge and holistic treatments for a variety of autoimmune disorders, including the 40 pages on cancer treatments. It’s a fascinating, informational and exciting read!

Helping you achieve optimum wellness by balancing holistically based knowledge with intuition and compassion

Sarah specializes in innovative, holistic and alternative protocols with a focus on immunity and autoimmune disorders, including cancer. Her approach is caring, nurturing and supportive, with consistent and continuous communication with her clients.

Sarah’s treatments are unique to each individual, integrating the body, mind, and spirit connection with core life issues. She assesses and evaluates the problem areas with her clients, then suggests and recommends the appropriate protocol. Sarah utilizes Chinese Herbs, nutrition, supplements and alternative protocols to help her clients achieve a state of optimum wellness.